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Join us as we explore the latest innovations in additive manufacturing with a focus on our groundbreaking technologies that expand applications and production capabilities. This webinar will review the latest printer technology highlights and next-gen materials introduced by 3D Systems throughout the year ranging from metals to plastics production. These offerings are designed to enable a broader spectrum of industries and as well as contribute to expanding production possibilities. 

See what is possible when the latest printer technology meets the broadest materials portfolio in the industry and discover how true system integration brings together printers, materials, software, and services!

Through a detailed analysis of case studies and real-world applications, the webinar will showcase how these technologies can revolutionize design possibilities, enhance performance, and contribute to overall efficiency in additive manufacturing processes. Additionally, our expert speakers will address the compatibility of our new materials with different 3D printing technologies, providing practical insights for professionals seeking to leverage these innovations. Discover how our AM solutions support you in:

  • Making strong, complex metal parts
  • Accelerating the delivery of parts with no tooling and little constraint on design optimization
  • Manufacturing large, high-speed production parts with injection-molded quality
  • Tackling high-volume workloads with the direct digital production of precision plastic parts

Whether you are a seasoned professional in the additive manufacturing industry or a newcomer eager to explore the latest advancements, this webinar offers a platform to deepen your understanding of 3D Systems' technologies and their transformative potential. Don't miss this opportunity to stay at the forefront of additive manufacturing and discover how these materials can shape the future of 3D printing across diverse applications.