Design Optimization

The design optimization capability of our 3D printing solutions and expert consultancy advance carbon capture technology performance to accelerate decarbonization.

Up to 23x
reduction in development to production lead time
reduction in required process column height
surface area increase over commercial structured packing

The Role of 3D Printing in Carbon Capture Technology

Removing carbon from the atmosphere requires a system of filters, heat exchangers, condensers, gas separators, and compressors. To increase direct air capture (DAC) performance and economic benefits, many of these complex components involve geometries that are well-suited to 3D printing.   

Our 3D printing solutions address prototyping and production needs for a vast array of these carbon capture technology key components. Examples include:

Accelerating Carbon Capture with Additive Manufacturing

The design optimization capability of additive manufacturing can dramatically boost the efficiency of carbon capture technologies.

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The Benefits of 3D Printing to Accelerate Carbon Capture

  • Design Optimization

    Dramatically boost carbon capture systems’ performance and efficiency leveraging the design optimization capability of 3D printing. Peak efficiency means there is no energy loss in system operation which translates to a lower cost per ton.

  • Long Service Life

    Metal 3D printed components are made for reliability and extensive service life. 3D print using a range of alloys that are high temperature and corrosion-resistant while possessing high thermal conductivity.

  • Speed of Iteration

    True design iteration and practical tests to find the ideal design solution faster is crucial. Our 3D printing solutions offer rapid prototyping capabilities, so you validate and get to the final, optimum design faster.

  • Scalability

    Not only accelerating the development of cost-effective and energy-efficient new technologies, these innovative solutions also become rapidly available via scalable additive manufacturing to support the massive need in the field for equipment.

  • Supply Chain Efficiencies

    Part consolidation and monolithic design capabilities enable quality and streamlining of the supply chain. Eliminate the carbon footprint of using multiple suppliers across the country to produce a single assembly.

  • Expert Consultancy

    Partner with us to develop new concepts and solutions, and quickly scale to production volumes. We provide full support to address our customers' challenges and help establish your own additive manufacturing capabilities.

3D Printing Solutions that Accelerate Innovation

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    Application Development

    Our Application Innovation Group leverages decades of additive manufacturing expertise to help OEMs and research institutions develop optimized solutions for their carbon capture and process engineering applications. We provide you with application support, from advanced concept development to bridge production and technology transfer to scale-up.

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    Complete Solutions

    Our hardware, software, materials, post-processing, and manufacturing operating system (MOS) solutions offer unprecedented design flexibility, economics and product reliability that is unmatched by any subtractive manufacturing method. From the production of intricate direct metal printed parts to extra-large patterns for investment or sand casting, we can meet your strict requirements.

  • Multiple printers in a facility to illustrate production capabilities

    Production Capability

    With our production facilities, we can be your agile manufacturing arm, helping you transition from prototype to production, while offering increased supply chain capacity and flexibility.

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    Technology Transfer

    Our dedicated team works with you across every step: 

    • Installation
    • Hands-on training
    • Consulting support
    • Development of pre-qualified manufacturing processes

    Manufacturers, suppliers and research centers are quickly able to reach production volumes on their own to reduce costs, accelerate delivery times and streamline supply chain.

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  • Application Innovation Group

    Our team can help you solve your most difficult design and production challenges with additive manufacturing solutions. Together we’ll identify your needs, working with you to optimize your designs, prototype, validate and define a manufacturing flow.