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The Role of 3D Printing in Jewelry Manufacturing

  • Lost Wax Casting

    Reveal your most creative jewelry designs faster and increase productivity without compromising quality. Our solutions for 3D printed jewelry casting patterns fit with your standard process for reliable output every time, bringing you maximum design freedom for high-volume and mass custom jewelry manufacturing.

  • 3D printed Mold Making parts for jewelry
  • Mold Making

    Leverage 3D Systems solutions developed for compatibility with jewelry mold making processes for high-volume manufacturing. 3D print ultra-high-detail, heat-resistant, high-quality, complex master patterns to create your rubber mold in a matter of hours.

  • wax bracelet with diamonds set in and diamonds scattered on black background
  • Prototyping

    Accelerate creativity with accurate, finely detailed, high-fidelity prototypes. Our solutions provide a quick turnaround from digital designs to 3D printed jewelry models, allowing for fast design iteration, validation, stone settings, and try-on.

Addressing All Your Jewelry Design Challenges with 3D Printing

Every jewelry style has its own design and production challenges. Our 3D jewelry manufacturing solutions provide a competitive advantage, with the high quality, accuracy, and reliability required for every design style.

intricate gold earring design with ruby set in the middle
Middle Eastern / Arabic

With features such as thin wires, twisted pipes, and ornate surfaces, sharpness and fine details are critical. Our 3D printing solutions for prototyping, casting and rubber molding patterns deliver high-resolution and fine details down to 0.2 mm.

Swirly silver earrings, each with a dangling amethyst in a silver cage setting

These designs require the ability to produce hollow, lightweight filigree and thin wire mesh shapes. Our solutions for castable plastic or 100% wax pattern production deliver the capabilities required for these highly detailed pieces.

ring set including two single bands and a 3-banded ring with a square setting studded with pavé diamonds
Pavé and Stone Setting

Single, multiple, and pavé stone designs—some including micro-prongs with gaps as small as 0.2 mm—require accurate patterns and a superior surface finish. From functional prototyping and stone setting validation, to patterns for direct casting or rubber molding, our 3D jewelry printing solutions deliver parts with the high accuracy, smooth finish, and fine details required for even the smallest prongs.

jewelry western design thumbnail

These solid, heavier-weight designs feature a large surface area that requires patterns with a smooth surface finish. From prototyping for design validation to 3D printed patterns for direct casting and rubber molding, our 3D solutions generate geometries that fit into your manufacturing process seamlessly.

Why Choose 3D Systems to Take Your Jewelry Manufacturing Workflows to the Next Level?

  • a jeweler holding a ring

    20+ Years of Experience

    Decades of jewelry and additive manufacturing expertise plus our valuable network of R&D partnerships allow us to implement the best solutions for jewelry manufacturers.

  • jewelry customer benefit material performance

    Superior Materials Performance

    3D Systems offers a choice of innovative materials designed to fit your standard processes: 

    • 100% wax and castable plastics for lost wax casting
    • Heat-resistant, rigid plastics for master patterns
    • High-contrast material for functional prototyping
  • Consistent Quality

    Quality printed parts ensure fine details, accuracy, high fidelity, smooth surfaces, and repeatability for consistent results through your manufacturing workflow. 

  • illustrating dissolvable and meltable supports for jewelry molds

    Unlimited Design Freedom

    Take designs to new levels with geometries that have no creative limits, and processes that ensure reliability. Dissolvable and meltable supports enable limitless geometries with no impact to surface finish.

  • VisiJet Wax Jewel Red printed molds on a Full Plate

    Increased Manufacturing Scalability

    Our 3D printing solutions easily scale to address manufacturing needs, ranging from fast turnaround prototypes and mass custom manufacturing to high-throughput production. Gain unprecedented levels of agility with ease-of-use that ensures high-quality results at any scale.

  • printer with platform filled with an assortment of jewelry images illustrating reliability

    Proven System Reliability

    Our reliable, industrial, end-to-end 3D printing solutions provide high uptime, low operating costs, and improved efficiency. And 3D Connect, our remote diagnostics management software, provides clients with continuous secure, proactive, and preventative cloud-based support from 3D Systems service teams.

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“It’s totally doable with today’s technology to receive a ring order in the morning, get it on the printer in the afternoon, cast it the next day, and ship for delivery the following day—72 hours from order to delivery. I could push that further: We could install printers all over the globe and feed them from our server. We could then solve the problem of international shipping for a high-value product.”
Charles-Olivier Roy, Founder, Vowsmith
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Bring Digital Agility into Your Standard Jewelry Manufacturing Workflows

3D Systems Jewelry Workflow
  • MJP 300W 3D Printer on a light grey background

    3D Printing Solutions

    Reliable and accurate from quick turnaround to high throughput, 3D Systems addresses the needs of jewelry manufacturers with a range of 3D printing solutions that enable high-quality prototyping and manufacturing. Ease of use and controlled processes provide high-quality results every time.

  • VisiJet Wax Jewel Red printed jewelry molds on a plate

    Materials for Your Applications

    3D Systems offers a choice of materials for direct casting, silicone mold making, and prototyping that are developed specifically for jewelry applications.

  • 2 women discussing, 1 is holding up a jewelry sample, they are in an office studio setting with jewelry item throughout the room

    3D Systems Consultative Service

    With decades of 3D printing expertise, 3D Systems provides optimal solutions for applications that range from prototyping to production.